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The Nudge

Recently, while watching a cozy winter romance movie, I felt a nudge. The characters continued their dialogue, but the words from fifteen seconds earlier lingered.

"There has to be another way to get across."
"No, this is the only way to get where we're going."  In another hour (according to my clock, not theirs), these two would be an inseparable pair, but in this scene, doubt threatened to separate them. She gripped the swinging rails of the suspension bridge and eyed the solid ground from which they came.

Spoiler alert: She made it across. But not before asking to turn around.

She made this request when she was over half-way across. The destination was closer than the beginning. Yet, she wanted to go back. Even if it meant more time on this swinging path.

An unseen elbow pushed into my ribs.

Safety, comfort, security. The known over the unknown.

As I launch a speaking and teaching platform, the ground is a bit shaky, and I feel a lot like the girl in the mov…

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